How Does the 14-Day Rule Affect Your Car Accident Claim in Florida?

17 December 2019
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No matter where you live, a car accident can leave you physically and financially devastated. Painful injuries can interfere with your ability to work and lead to a mound of medical claims as you try to heal.  In Florida, however, rules involving that state's Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance make it extremely important for car accident victims to seek medical attention for any potential injuries quickly. Otherwise, it can become very difficult (if not impossible) to recover fair compensation for your losses. Read More 

The EEOC Is Your First Step in Filing for a Gender Discrimination Lawsuit

26 November 2019
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If you believe that you have been the victim of gender discrimination at work, you may want to sue to get some relief. However, there is a detailed process that you have to go through before you can sue. Each of these steps may give you the relief that you are looking for. If not, you are establishing more documentation for your case, and that can help you when it is time to go to court. Read More 

The Complications Of Dating During A Divorce

4 November 2019
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A lot of people feel that once they separate from their spouse, they are free to begin dating. While this is not illegal, it is not always the wise thing to do, especially right away. Dating during your divorce can lead to complications and extra challenges, and here are some that you should be aware of. Dating can interfere with your decisions The first thing to consider is the effects dating can have on your mind at this time. Read More 

Using Divorce Mediation to Resolve Conflicts

8 October 2019
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You and your spouse may be close to agreeing on most divorce issues, but some remain unresolved. More and more couples are turning to divorce mediation to help them turn their disagreements into a divorce agreement. Read on to find out how divorce mediation works and why it's become so popular. How Does Mediation Work? Divorce mediation follows the same basic guidelines as all conflict resolution practices. One issue at a time is discussed with between the mediator and the two parties in the divorce. Read More 

DUI Confessions: What Confidentiality Has To Do With Your DUI Arrest

2 September 2019
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Legal representation after an arrest is always a smart idea but never more so than after a driving under the influence (DUI) charge. This type of arrest is chock full of issues that need to be investigated – from the legality of the stop to the veracity of the field sobriety testing. Many DUI cases are dropped or the charges are reduced once a criminal defense lawyer challenges the evidence. If you are to have a successful case, you will need to be honest and forthright with your DUI attorney. Read More