Starting Your Workers’ Compensation Case On The Right Foot

30 July 2019
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Whether you fall off a ladder while stocking shelves or get into a car wreck in your company vehicle, workers' compensation cases require you to be on your toes as you handle your litigation. On top of deciding on which workers' compensation lawyer you want to have address your case, it is important that you focus on the tips that'll help to ensure your success. Follow the suggestions below in order to win your workers' compensation claim. Read More 

What You Should Do Right After A Work Injury

30 June 2019
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An injury incurred at work is a scary experience. There are some steps you need to take as soon as you possibly can to ensure you receive adequate compensation. Consider the following: Get Medical Care Right Away Before you do anything else, you should get medical treatment for your injury. For smaller injuries, you may only need a trip to your physician. But for more catastrophic injuries, you need to get to the hospital. Read More 

Benefits Of Hiring A Long Term Disability Lawyer

27 May 2019
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Having a permanent or long term disability means that you may cannot work due to a progressive or chronic condition. Disability benefits are used to replace the income you will lose due to the inability to work. These benefits are critical for individuals and families in order to sustain their established lifestyle. When filing a claim for disability, there are several procedures required in order to determine if you qualify for disability benefits and regardless of how careful you are when filling out the application, it's possible for you to be denied disability benefits. Read More 

Why It’s Important To Hire A Corporate Attorney During A Merger

25 April 2019
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If your business and another business are going to be merging together, then it's important for you to hire a corporate attorney to help with the process. This is important even when everything is going smoothly. A few of the primary reasons why it's essential to hire a corporate lawyer during a business merger have been outlined here. Get Help with the Negotiation Process First of all, you might need some help with the negotiation process, even if you and the leaders of the other business are pretty much in agreement about what should be done during the merger. Read More 

Why You Might Want A Legal Separation Instead Of Divorce

20 March 2019
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The end of any romantic relationship is always rough, but it can be especially troubling when it happens with your spouse. While the end of most marriages ends in divorce, there is another option that you might be interested in. Some couples choose to be legally separated instead of divorced. There are a number of reasons why this might be the right choice for you and your family. You Don't Want to Traumatize Your Children Read More