How You Can Help Your Auto Accident Attorney Win Your Case

18 December 2014
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Car accident attorneys know their way around complex personal injury laws, but even the most experienced professional can't put together a successful case without your active involvement. Working together, you can cover all angles, from filing your claim to securing a settlement. While your lawyer works hard to present the facts of your case just right, here are four things you can do to help from the sidelines: Negotiate Your Goals from the Beginning Read More 

Qualifying For Worker’s Compensation After A Job Injury

17 December 2014
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Are you stressed because a work injury has left you out of work for a while? You may be protected financially through workers compensation if you did not act negligent when the injury occurred. Here is what makes you qualified for worker's compensation and how a lawyer can help you sue if necessary. What Makes an Injured Worker Qualified for Workers Compensation? You are financially protected by worker's compensation if you are injured on the job and need money to support your living expenses until you can work again. Read More 

Child Custody Issues: Exceptions To The Two Parent Requirement When Obtaining A Passport For Your Child

15 December 2014
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Travel is a wonderful way to introduce your child to various cultures, but as a single parent you may face some challenges getting a passport for your child. Not having a good relationship with the noncustodial parent doesn't mean you can't get a passport, but it definitely makes it more difficult. There are some exceptions to the two parent requirement for obtaining a child's passport, but they are fairly stringent in nature. Read More