Here Is What A Will Can Do For You

8 September 2018
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Having estate planning documentation in place is important if you wish to plan ahead for the future. One legal document that many people choose to prepare is a will. This is a powerful tool that can help you make important decisions. An estate planning attorney can walk you through creating this document. Keep reading to learn what a will can do for you:  Outline Who Will Take Care of Your Wishes You can use a will to outline who will take care of your affairs and wishes once you pass. Read More 

5 Common Reasons For Workers’ Compensation Claim Denial

31 July 2018
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When filing a workers' compensation claim, there's always the potential for your claim — no matter how legitimate — to be denied by your employer's insurance provider. Knowing why your claim was denied can be a tremendous help as you go through the appeals process. If you haven't filed a workers' comp claim yet, avoiding the following can help improve your chances of a successful claim. 1. Failure to File Immediately After an Injury Read More 

Three Reasons You Need An Experienced Attorney When Involved In An Accident With A Semi-Truck

28 June 2018
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If you have been in an accident with a big rig truck while driving your car, you will need to consult with an attorney that has a lot of experience with this type of accident. There are many elements that are unique to those involving a car and a semi-truck. An accident between a truck and a car is often different There are certain collisions that are more common with a semi-truck involving a car, and a lawyer with experience involving these accidents will be able to tell when the driver has a strong case. Read More 

Four Types Of Product Liability: Does Your Case Fit Any Of These Types?

29 May 2018
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You bought a product or service, and it harmed you in some way. You may have a product liability lawsuit on your hands. Only a product liability lawyer can say for sure, but the following types of product liability may help you decide whether a consultation with a lawyer is a good idea. The Product Burned, Scarred, or Maimed You (Injury Type) There are dozens of cases where products purchased caused burns, from coffee to hair perming solutions. Read More 

Getting Divorced? Here Are A Few Signs That You Need To Hire A Lawyer

29 April 2018
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Since deciding to get divorced, you and your spouse may be able to get along and make compromises now. But there might be some signs indicating that you're best off hiring a lawyer to represent you throughout the negotiation and divorce process. Here are a few signs to look for that point to the need for hiring a divorce lawyer. Promises Keep Getting Broken If you continue to be let down by broken promises, it may be a sign of things to come once the divorce has been settled. Read More