The Complications Of Dating During A Divorce

4 November 2019
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A lot of people feel that once they separate from their spouse, they are free to begin dating. While this is not illegal, it is not always the wise thing to do, especially right away. Dating during your divorce can lead to complications and extra challenges, and here are some that you should be aware of.

Dating can interfere with your decisions

The first thing to consider is the effects dating can have on your mind at this time. When you begin dating, imagine falling in love right away with someone new. The feelings of being in love can often overpower all other feelings and thoughts in life, and these feelings could actually interfere with the decisions you need to make for your divorce. If this happens, you might not fight for everything you are entitled to, or you might just forget to do things you are supposed to do, simply because that is what new love often leads to. If you want to be able to think clearly during this time and handle the divorce in the best way possible, it might be wise to wait to begin dating until after your divorce is through.

Dating can lead to more fighting

Secondly, when a couple is going through a divorce, both spouses can have a lot of emotions from the event. When one of the spouses begins dating at this time, it can set the other spouse off in many ways, causing him or her to feel extremely angry, bitter, and resentful. If this occurs, it can lead to a lot more fighting during the divorce, and this could cause the divorce to drag on much longer than necessary.

Dating could impact your child custody case

The other thing to understand is that dating during this time could impact the child custody case you are involved in. When one spouse is dating, the other spouse may try to use this against that spouse in the custody battle. While you dating someone may have no impact on the way you parent your kids, it could look bad in your case. If you want to avoid problems like this, you might want to wait to date until you are done with your divorce.

If you would like to learn more about the legal implications of dating while you are going through a divorce, just talk to a lawyer. If you do not yet have a family law attorney, call around today to find one to hire for your case.