Two Types Of Short-Term Alimony That May Be Available To You

9 November 2016
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When judges award alimony—also called spousal support—they look at a variety of factors to determine if alimony is warranted and the amount that should be paid. One of those factors is the length of the marriage. The majority of the time, a judge will only order alimony when the couple has been married for a long time (e.g. a decade or more). However, even if you were only married for a few years, it may still be possible to get alimony from your spouse. Read More 

3 Tips For Reducing Your Liability As A Motorcyclist

30 September 2016
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As a motorcycle rider, you may be at a higher risk for having an accident and suffering serious injuries than if you were driving a car. Unfortunately, the stigma surrounding motorcyclists as being unsafe on the road can make your case more difficult to prove when you are not at fault. There are several precautions you can take to reduce your risk of serious injury and to improve the chances of proving your case when you are not at fault. Read More 

Kids Going Out Of Town For Spring Break? 4 Common Reasons You May End Up Needing A Personal Injury Attorney

4 April 2016
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Spring break is here. Time for your college students to head out and have some fun. While they're out having fun, it's important to remember that injuries can happen anywhere. Whether they're staying in town or heading to an exotic location, spring break injuries can take the fun out of their vacation. Here are four common spring break injuries you should be aware of. Underage Drinking Spring break is the time of year when many college students head out of town to unwind and have some fun. Read More 

Surprising Factors That Increase Your Risk Of Being Pulled Over For A DUI Check

7 August 2015
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Whether or not you are stopped for a DUI generally depends on other factors other than your drunkenness. Unless you are totally drunk and driving erratically, the police have no way of knowing that you are drunk. In many cases, people get pulled over for other reasons and the issue of DUI only comes to play when the police officer suspects it (for example if your breath smells of alcohol). Here are some of the factors that increase your chances of getting pulled over: Read More 

Proving Wrongful Death When Your Child Has Died In A School Lunchroom

8 July 2015
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The death of a child is a tragedy few people can understand, and unfortunately, many children die of allergic reactions to food or due to choking. If you have lost a child due to a tragedy in a school cafeteria, you may be entitled to compensation. Here are a few questions to consider to see if your child's death may warrant a wrongful death claim: 1. If the death was related to an allergy, did the school know about your child's allergy? Read More