Reasons To Hire An Attorney Who Practices Workers' Compensation Law

5 April 2023
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After suffering a serious injury at work, you might wonder what steps you should take to protect your future. You might fear getting fired and losing access to benefits like your retirement savings or health insurance. You also might worry about providing an income to support you and your family.

These worries can prevent you from focusing on healing from your injury and overcoming the pain and limited mobility it may have caused. Rather than fear what lies ahead for your future, you can hire an assertive attorney who practices workers' compensation law to represent you.

Securing Your Income

During the time you recover from your injury, your employer may still owe you a salary. After all, it may not have been your fault that you got hurt at work. Your employer might have neglected to keep you safe.

With that, your employer may still legally owe you your income even though you are not at work to earn it. Your workers' compensation attorney can make sure you get the money you are entitled to so you have the means to take care of your family while you heal.

Avoiding Blame

Your employer might be quick to blame you for what happened, however. Your boss might swear you did something to cause the accident and therefore contributed to your own injury.

When you have an attorney on your side, you can prove you were not responsible for what took place. Your attorney can investigate the accident and use evidence to show you were not at fault. Rather, your employer may have acted with malice or negligence and caused you to get hurt. This evidence can hold your employer fully accountable and compel the company to pay out damages to you.

Accepting a Settlement 

Finally, your attorney may be able to work out a fair settlement and close the case for you faster. You may want to focus on healing and feeling better as quickly as possible. Dragging out the case might cause you significant pain and worry. Your attorney can negotiate with your employer to decide on a settlement rather than take the case to court.

An attorney who works in workers' compensation law can ensure you still get an income from your employer while you heal. Your lawyer can also show you were not to blame for the accident and negotiate a fair settlement for you.

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