Bankruptcy Attorneys Can Help People Who Just Lost Their Jobs

6 March 2023
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Overspending is a common problem that can impact many people and trigger long-term financial issues. For example, someone who got a big new job only to lose it in a year or two may have spent too much cash and need help getting out of debt. Thankfully, a chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney can help with this process and ensure that these individuals get help.  

How a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Helps 

When a person gets into heavy personal debt, it can be nearly impossible to escape this trap without the help of a chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney. These experts have years of experience in their field and understand how to plan and prepare for this process. Someone who recently lost their job may need to talk with one of these legal experts to get help with:

Gauging Eligibility

Not everybody will be eligible for chapter 7 bankruptcy, so it is important to work with an attorney to gauge an individual's ability to file. This can ensure they aren't disappointed later. They can then do their client's paperwork to ensure it is properly handled.

Filing Their Information

Once a person's bankruptcy paperwork is properly completed, their attorney can file it for them and ensure it is accepted. This step is smart because it gives that person time to seek out a new job rather than sitting in bankruptcy court. 

Getting Out of Debt

After filing for bankruptcy, an individual may work with their attorney to find a repayment plan. For instance, someone in heavy debt may start a consolidation option that takes their debts and puts them into one easier-to-make payment plan. 

While bankruptcy may be upsetting to many people at first, it can be a powerful way of managing debts and regaining control of a financial situation. Just as importantly, it can provide individuals with the time to find a new job and work their way out of debt. That's a major benefit for those people who are likely to find a new job fairly quickly but who still need help with their debt problem.

Getting Great Results 

By working with a chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney, someone who lost their job through no fault of their own can get the help managing their debt that they need. They'll work with a professional who understands their needs and who can help them walk away from their debt for good. While it won't necessarily be easy, it can be an effective way to regain control of a person's financial situation.

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