3 Ways Car Accident Attorneys Determine Liability For Crashes Caused During Heavy Rainfall

21 April 2022
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Although collisions can happen at any time of the year, when it's raining heavily, they're more likely to occur. Rain can make driving so difficult. It often interferes with visibility and makes the road slippery. If someone knocks you when it's raining, determining liability can be challenging. While the rain can contribute to a crash, drivers are still required to be cautious on the road. A car accident attorney can help you seek reimbursement if you're involved in a collision when it's raining. Here are three ways they'll determine liability:

Determining if the Other Driver Was Reckless

Irresponsible behavior can still be a cause of collisions even when it's raining. At-fault parties cannot blame the accident on the weather to avoid paying damages. An attorney can hold the responsible driver accountable for their actions. They'll find out if they were speeding, had their headlights on, or maintained the required distance. They'll also get their cars assessed to check if they were in good condition at the time of the incident. If they determine that they had worn-out tires that were poorly inflated, were speeding, and didn't bother to put on their car's headlights, they'll file a lawsuit against them to get you compensated for your losses. 

Explaining Your Options Especially if You're Partially at Fault

It's easier to make mistakes that may lead to crashes when it's raining. Even if you're a careful driver, the debris on the road or other obstacles may make you veer off and collide with another vehicle. The good news is that you can be reimbursed even if you're partially at fault. 

A lawyer can examine the circumstances of your accident and tell you your options. If they discover that your crash wasn't a result of distraction or recklessness, they'll formulate a strong case in your favor to get you reimbursed. They may argue that the weather made it difficult for you to control your vehicle or the road was too flooded that it was difficult to keep on driving on it.

Calculating Losses

Before submitting your claim to an insurer, you should know how much to expect from them. Insurers are known to offer low awards to crash victims, especially if they discover they don't know much about compensation procedures and laws. An attorney can calculate the cost of all your damages and identify all the parties involved in the crash. If your case involves multiple drivers, they'll file a claim with all their insurers and help you recover the maximum settlement for your losses.

Driving in the rain can be challenging, but all drivers are still required by law to exercise care towards other motorists and pedestrians. If you're involved in a crash during such weather, a car accident law firm—such as the Law Office Of Timothy M. O'Donovan—can help you obtain compensation and bring all the responsible parties to justice.