What To Ask Your Bail Bonds Agency

20 April 2021
 Categories: Law, Blog


If you're one of the defendants to get the opportunity to post bail and leave jail, you will likely need to contact a bail bond company. A bail bond agency guarantees that the accused person will go to court on the due date, failure to which it will pay the full amount of the bond. If your loved ones get arrested, a bail agent can secure their release quickly. However, it is advisable to ask questions before signing an agreement with the bail bonds agency. Such questions include:

Are You Licensed?

It's essential to get licensed bail bonds to avoid wasting your time and money. Bail bonds are regulated in all states, meaning that companies require licenses to operate. You should ask about the agency's certifications and licenses to show that it has met all the legal requirements. The bail bond agent who deals with your case should also have a professional bondsman license. 

You can also check if the company is listed with the Better Business Bureau. In addition to their rating, you'll see any reviews made by previous clients. 

What Are Your Charges?

When getting a bail bond, you are expected to pay a percentage of the total bail amount to acquire the loan. This money is not refundable, and it protects the bail bond agency if you ultimately don't pay back the loan in full. Most states recommend a specific percentage to safeguard the company's integrity and safety. Most agencies charge 10%, although some may charge 15%.

What Is the Bail Bond Process?

A reliable bail bond agency will walk you through the bail bond process. If it's your first time dealing with bond matters, you'll likely have many concerns. You should know the total amount being fronted for you or the defendant's release and the fees you should pay. Additionally, you should ask about all the information that the agent needs and its relevance to the process. The bail bond agent will also explain what's expected of you or your loved one once out of jail. 

How Quickly Can Someone Leave Jail?

While some bail agents will promise to get you out of jail quickly, they actually have little control of when you get out. The most reputable bail bond agency can tell you is the jail's typical processing time. Bond dealers can only control their part of the release process and leave it to the jail to determine when it's safe to let you or your loved one out. Contact a bail bonds agency for more information.