Treated Unfairly By Your Insurance Company? 3 Signs You Need An Insurance Litigation Attorney

21 October 2020
 Categories: Law, Blog


If you've purchased an insurance policy, you expect to get the protection you've paid for. You also expect your insurance company to act in good faith. Most of the time, that will happen. Unfortunately, there are times when insurance companies will fail to act in good faith. When that happens, you're left holding the bag. Sometimes, you're left holding the liability too. If your insurance company has failed to provide you with the service you're entitled to, and you feel that they've acted in bad faith, it's time to hire an attorney. Insurance litigation can help you to recover from damages caused by bad faith on the part of your insurance company. If you're not sure what bad faith looks like, read the information provided below. Here are three compelling signs that your insurance company has not acted in good faith on your behalf. 

Your Insurance Claim Was Denied Without Cause

If you filed a claim that you know you have coverage for, and your claim was denied, you have the right to know the reason for the denial. In fact, if your insurance company has denied a claim, they're required to explain the reasoning in writing. If your insurance company hasn't provided you with a written explanation for the denial, you need to speak to an attorney as soon as possible. Be sure to keep copies of all the requests for information that you've sent to your insurance company. 

Your Insurance Claim Has Been Repeatedly Delayed

If you've submitted a claim, and your insurance company has failed to act on it, contact an attorney. Insurance companies will often delay claims in hopes that policyholders will become impatient. When policyholders become impatient, or desperate, they're more likely to accept a reduced settlement. If you've been trying to follow up on your claim, but it continues to be delayed, seek legal help as soon as possible. 

Your Insurance Company Failed to Protect You in a Lawsuit

If you were named as a defendant in a civil lawsuit, and your insurance failed to provide you with the protection you were entitled to, you may have a bad faith claim against them. This is especially true if you had insurance coverage for the claim that was brought against you. This can happen when a claim is filed against you for a civil case, and your insurance company refuses coverage. For instance, when someone is injured on your property, and your home insurance provider denies the claim. If that's happened, you need to talk to an insurance litigation attorney near you.