What You Should Do Right After A Work Injury

30 June 2019
 Categories: Law, Blog


An injury incurred at work is a scary experience. There are some steps you need to take as soon as you possibly can to ensure you receive adequate compensation. Consider the following:

Get Medical Care Right Away

Before you do anything else, you should get medical treatment for your injury. For smaller injuries, you may only need a trip to your physician. But for more catastrophic injuries, you need to get to the hospital.

Aside from getting care for the injury, you also need the medical treatment as part of your evidence for either worker's compensation or a civil lawsuit if you choose to go that route.  

Go to Human Resources

As soon as you can, you need to visit the human resources department at your employer. When you arrive, you will file paperwork for worker's compensation insurance. This insurance is for anyone who is injured while on the job. The insurance will pay for an employee's medical care, lost wages, and any other expenses relating to the injury.

You should go to human resources as quickly as you are able. The information you provide has to move through a line of different departments before it can be processed. The sooner you provide the information, the faster your claim will be finalized.

Talk to an Attorney

If you do not have an attorney, make an appointment for a consultation. You do not need to have a personal injury attorney to make a worker's compensation claim. However, you never know if your claim will be denied or if you will not get enough of a settlement to meet your needs. When you have an attorney, you can provide all the information up front and be ready to move forward with a case if necessary.

Begin a Tickler File

A tickler file is just a term for a file of information on any given subject. Dedicate a special place for all the information you gather regarding your work injury. You should have a copy of the incident report, any medical reports, correspondence from everyone you have spoken to, and so on. If you have to appeal your case with worker's compensation, you will need all of this evidence. It is important that you keep it organized and at the ready in the event you need it.

The hope is that you will receive a quick payout with worker's compensation. If you feel the claim is taking too long or if you are getting the run-around, it is best to let your attorney know right away. A simply strongly worded letter may get the job done. If not, you can move on to a lawsuit if you wish.