Are You An Independent Electrical Contractor? Make Sure You Understand Your Workers' Compensation Rights

9 February 2019
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Many electricians work as independent contractors in the construction field because this classification provides them with maximum financial freedom. However, they may suffer from serious monetary loss if they don't protect their rights with high-quality workers' compensation insurance policies.

Workers' Comp Policies Protect Freelancers

Independent contractors who are worried about an injury on a construction site may want to consider high-quality workers' compensation. These policies can be purchased to provide builders doing independent contract work with the ability to have financial compensation if they are injured on a work site.

For example, an independent electrician adding the wiring to a high-rise building may suffer a shock on the site that knocks them out of commission. With the help of high-quality workers' compensation policies, they can still get money while they recover. However, there is still a chance that this type of policy could be denied by the provider.

Denial May Still Occur

Even though an independent contractor owns their insurance policy, there is still a chance that their provider could deny their claim. This type of denial typically happens for a handful of reasons. First of all, the company may not believe that the individual was injured on site or try to claim that their injury was their fault.

For independent contractors, this situation can often be difficult to fully control. For example, their temporary employee may claim that the injured individual wasn't cautious on the work site and allowed themselves to be shocked. In this scenario, a high-quality workers' compensation attorney is necessary to protect your rights.

How a Lawyer Helps

When an insurance company denies your insurance claim improperly, you should contact a high-quality workers' compensation attorney right away. These experts provide guidance that makes winning your case easier. For example, they can identify mitigating circumstances that influenced your denial.

Then, they can gather evidence that proves denial was wrong. For example, they may find that the construction site was not properly insulated by the construction crew. This poor insulation led to the shock and was something outside of the control of the injured electrician.

Therefore, if you are an independent electrician who suffered a severe electrical shock while working on a construction site, you need to talk to a high-quality workers' compensation attorney right away. These experts will provide you with the help that you need to beat denial and to get the money that you deserve for your injury.