Hire A Trademark Attorney Who Will Work With These Experts To Help Your Case

2 January 2019
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If you believe that you have an idea for a product that you want to eventually start to produce and sell, one of the first steps that you should take is to obtain a trademark and patent for your idea. Doing so will discourage others from copying your idea — which may be a concern if you've told people around you about this product — and will give you the proper grounds for taking legal action should someone develop your idea. In order to apply for a patent/trademark, you'll want to hire a trademark and patent attorney, like those at Lingbeck Law Office, to help you. As you seek the right legal professional for this job, make sure to hire one who works with these experts.

Industry Expert

A trademark and patent attorney will be an authority on drafting up paperwork for a patent, but he or she may not have a lot of expertise about the specific industry to which your proposed product belongs. Many attorneys frequently work with a wide range of industry experts, who can provide information on the industry in question. This will help the wording of the patent paperwork to be solid so that it doesn't leave any room for error. For example, you don't want someone producing something that is essentially your idea, but has a small-enough difference to avoid patent law issues.

Technical Artists

A patent isn't just about having the correct wording. There also needs to be a clear image associated with the patent that will precisely depict your product idea. Look for a trademark and patent attorney who frequently works with technical artists who can produce these renderings. The technical image included in the patent is just as important as the wording itself, so you need a skilled artist who can take your sketches and turn them into a blueprint-style rendering for the patent.

Patent Examiner

You'll frequently find that trademark and patent attorneys keep assistants on staff who have experience as patent examiners. As someone who is acutely informed about the patent process, this assistant can counsel the attorney to ensure that your patent's paperwork and even the application process are rock solid. This person will work closely with the attorney to ensure that there aren't any issues with the application that could stall it — which could especially be a problem if you've told someone about your idea and you believe that he or she may be trying to develop his or her own patent for the stolen idea.