Bail Bonds: What to Expect

28 February 2018
 Categories: Law, Blog


Getting a phone call from a relative regarding an arrest is jarring and scary. You may never have been involved with law enforcement or the criminal justice system. Your desire to help must be tempered with good decisions that won't aggravate the situation. You might already know you'll need to contact bail bonding companies, but expect one or more of the situations below. 


It's easy to think that completing paperwork with a particular bail bond company is all that must be done. Many TV shows make this seem like arranging bail is quick and simple. However, it could come as a surprise that a company could ultimately issue a rejection of bail. Bondsmen consider each case and the risk involved before they will agree to setting up an individual bond with you on behalf of someone else. Your relative will sit in a holding facility until bail happens, so it's important to remember that bail is not automatic.

Release Delay

Even if a bond has been duly worked out, that doesn't mean you can pick up your loved one immediately. Each holding facility will have schedules, processing times, inmate release days, and other issues. All these things mean everyone must wait. Prepare yourself, your relative, and others for the possibility that you'll have to wait longer than expected. Be wary of those who insist that they can do something to make that happen faster. You may wish to contact the facility yourself and discuss release protocols and inquire about your relative's specific case in order to get more details.

Escape from Jurisdiction

Many relatives have blind spots when it comes to loved ones. Your good faith effort to arrange bail comes from your affection and hope, but you have to look at the situation logically. There is always a chance, however slight, that your relative will leave his or her holding facility and seek some kind of escape from the situation. If that should ever happen, your responsibility to the bail bonding company won't disappear. Work closely with the company to ascertain the risks you're taking and best figure out how you'd cope if your relative escapes.

Expecting situations like these will enable you and others to remain protected and facilitate a relative's bail and release without problems. Throughout the entire process, you can trust the experience of A M Bail Bonds. These experienced professionals can guide you through this process.