Tips For Minimizing Child Passenger Injuries

3 October 2017
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No parent wants to see their child injured in a car accident, but kids still get injured. One reason for this is that parents don't have enough information on how to keep their kids safe during car rides. As a parent, take the following measures to reduce the risk of or minimize your kid's injuries in case of a car accident:

Buy and Install the Correct Car Seat

Putting your child in a car seat is one of the best ways of keeping them safe on the road. All drivers know this, but not everybody practices it. Even those use car seats don't always use the appropriate car seats for their children's ages nor have the seats installed properly. Here are some tips for car seat safety:

  • Choose a seat designed to the minimum standards of the Federal Government
  • Choose a car seat that conforms to your child's age and size
  • If you have never installed a car seat before, let an experienced person help you with the installation

Replace the Car Seats as Recommended

A car seat doesn't have to show clear signs of damage for it to be replaced. This is because a car seat may lose its safety even if it doesn't appear visibly damaged. Therefore, it's advisable to change the car seat every time you are involved in a moderate to a minor accident while the seat is in the car. Use your best judgment here, but as a rule, a car accident isn't minor if the airbags deploy, the car cannot be driven away from the scene or some people have sustained (even minor) injuries.

Put the Child in the Back Seat

Another safety tip is to place your child in the back seat. The back seat, specifically the middle back seat, is the safest place for your child in the car. One reason for this is that these seats don't usually have airbags, which is a safety boon because airbags weren't designed for child passengers and can cause them serious injuries.

Don't Play With the Child While Driving

The last tip is not to play with the child while driving; this applies whether or not the child is sitting in a correct seat. Playing with the child can cause a momentary lapse of concentration or even cause you to take your eyes off the road. Don't forget that distraction is one of the leading causes of car accidents.

Hopefully, your kid will never be injured in a car crash. In the unfortunate event that your kid gets injured, however, consult a car accident attorney to help you pursue damages from the responsible party.