Two Things People Get Wrong About Emploment Lawsuits (And Why You Need A Lawyer's Help)

12 January 2017
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For an individual, an employment lawsuit is something that is fairly rare. Most people likely only know a small handful of people who have sued their employers if they know anyone at all. Because it's something that most people simply don't deal with, there's a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to suing an employer. Here are two of the biggest things that people get wrong when it comes to an employment lawsuit.

#1: An employment lawsuit is easy money

If you're going up against a multi-million or multi-billion corporation, they'll just settle our of court to avoid the hassle right? If you think a lawsuit against an employer is going to be easy, think again. In fact, most employment lawsuit plaintiffs lose their cases. A lot of times, people have a notion that companies will settle just to avoid the publicity of a law suit. But many times, it's tough to prove that an employment lawsuit has merit (that's why a good employment lawyer is key). Big corporations aren't scared of lawyers, and they'll certainly fight back against almost any allegations, true or not. And on top of that, many companies have caps on employment lawsuits, regardless of the issue. So if you're filing a lawsuit expecting a fat payday because you think the money doesn't mean that much to the company anyway, you're in for a rude awakening.

#2: Once a lawsuit is filed, if the company mistreats the employee, that's retaliation

It sounds pretty easy to understand, right? If an employee files a lawsuit against a company and the company mistreats that employee, it's illegal. Unfortunately, there actually are plenty of legal ways for a company to "get back" at an employee who is involved in a suit. Things like being kept out of making important decisions, getting the cold shoulder from a boss, and getting a reputation as a "bad" employee can happen, and do quite often.

For the individual, an employment lawsuit is a rarity, but for a larger company, it's something that's not too uncommon. That's why it's so important to make sure you have a good lawyer on your side if you're thinking about suing your employer. The large corporations know the law well, and they know how to fight back, so you need someone just as strong on your side. A good employment attorney can mean all the difference in the world!