4 Benefits Of Choosing A Mediated Divorce

24 August 2016
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The challenges of any relationship can be overwhelming at times.  This is likely to be the reason many people decide to get divorced. It is important to choose the least stressful way to end your marriage. One way to do so is by selecting a mediated divorce. This will enable you to work together on various decisions that must be made instead of arguing and working with lawyers. By knowing other benefits of choosing this method of divorce, you may be more motivated to do so.

Benefit #1: Control the outcome

One of the biggest challenges that married people may face is not having any control if the divorce proceeds to court. However, by working with your spouse, a mediator and attorney, you can work to determine all of the decisions that must be made on your own terms.

Benefit #2: Reduced legal fees

It's ideal to work together when a marriage is ending because failure to do so can result in steep legal fees. The time it takes for an attorney to act as a go-between can be costly.

Studies show the average cost for a contested divorce is $15,000-$30,000

Benefit #3: Private and confidential

It's likely you may prefer to have your case settled outside of a court because of the privacy it will grant you. Mediation can be a confidential gathering between you and your spouse without any other individuals knowing about it other than the professionals involved.

On the other hand, a divorce that is tried in court will be on open record for any other individual to see. 

Benefit #4: Deciding on key issues

The reason for mediation is to come to an agreement on various issues that must be decided upon during a divorce. There are sure to be many things that must be discussed and listed below are some decisions typically made at mediation:

1. Property – Who will get the home or will it be sold and the money divided?

2. Assets – Any assets that are jointly owned will be split. Deciding on how much each spouse gets can be done during this time.

3. Children – If there are children involved, you can agree on custody matters.

The benefits of divorce mediation are many and may enable you to legally end your marriage with less stress. Be sure to consult with your family lawyer to assist you through this legal process today! Contact an attorney like Gilbert P Kaback for more information.