Common Dirty Tricks Used By Exes During A Divorce

21 July 2016
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All's fair in love and war, and the gloves come off during a divorce. Many divorces end in a very one-sided manner because one of the parties knows how to work the system to his or her advantage. If you want to make sure that you get what you deserve during the divorce, you will need to be aware of common divorce tricks.

Orders Of Protection

One common trick is to get an order of protection. This is done in an effort to portray you in the most negative light possible with the hope that this will make your ex appear more sympathetic. The best solution to this problem is to challenge the order of protection. Require that your ex prove that it is necessary to have an order of protection. Bring your own evidence that the claims that were used to justify the order of protection are unfounded. Also, through every step of the process, try to be as polite as possible and avoid appearing angry.

Maxing Out The Credit Card

Another common trick is to use up the credit card of the other partner if he or she is the primary cardholder. This is effective if the primary cardholder agrees to be responsible for all of the credit card debt. Before agreeing to a deal like this, look at the charges to make sure that there are no unapproved charges that were made by your partner.

Not Paying The Bills

If you are not the primary income earner, your spouse may move out of your home and refuse to pay any bills. The goal is to place you in such a terrible position that you are then willing to accept any offer.

There are some vindictive actions that exes engage in, often out of anger. These include:

  • Removing everything from the home
  • Cancelling all credit cards
  • Trying to get an ex fired
  • Cutting off utilities
  • Trying to leave the state with the kids

These actions should never be taken, regardless of how angry you feel. Doing so may get you into legal trouble or will at least make it more difficult to have an amicable divorce. It is also easy to fall prey to any of these tricks, but if you work with a local divorce attorney, you will be much less likely to fall victim to them. Divorce attorneys have seen all of these tricks before and can provide more advice on how to avoid them. Contact a firm like Madison Law Firm PLLC for more information.