Kids Going Out Of Town For Spring Break? 4 Common Reasons You May End Up Needing A Personal Injury Attorney

4 April 2016
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Spring break is here. Time for your college students to head out and have some fun. While they're out having fun, it's important to remember that injuries can happen anywhere. Whether they're staying in town or heading to an exotic location, spring break injuries can take the fun out of their vacation. Here are four common spring break injuries you should be aware of.

Underage Drinking

Spring break is the time of year when many college students head out of town to unwind and have some fun. Unfortunately, with spring break comes the opportunity to participate in underage drinking. If your underage college student was served alcohol, and suffered injuries as a result, you need to speak to an attorney. The individual or business that served the alcohol may be legally responsible for those injuries.


Tempers can flair in large crowds, especially when alcohol is involved. Fights aren't uncommon during spring break. You hope that your kids will walk away from disagreements, but sometimes that's just not possible. If your college student sustains injuries due to a fight while on spring break, they need to file a police report as soon as possible. This information will help your personal injury attorney file claims against the responsible parties.

Flies and Fouls

If you're kids are baseball fans, they may be heading out for a ballgame during spring break. While ballgames are fun to watch, they can lead to unforeseen injuries. This is particularly true if your kids are sitting in the flies and foul zone. Those are the areas of the bleachers where fly balls and foul balls are most likely to drop. Serious head injuries can occur when a fast-moving ball flies through the crowd. It's important to note that most ballparks refuse liability for injuries incurred during a ball game.

Car Accidents

If your college students are going to be taking a road trip during spring break, they need to be prepared for possible accidents. Be sure they have their insurance information – both medical and automobile – with them at all times. It's also important that they remember the following information if they're involved in an accident:

  • Don't leave the scene
  • Don't admit fault for the accident
  • Don't forget to obtain insurance information for all drivers involved in the accident
  • Speak to an attorney like Jon D. Caminez, PA as soon as possible

It's time for spring break. Accidents happen. If your child is involved in any of the incidences described above, be sure to speak to a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. You may be able to seek monetary compensation for the injuries your child sustains while on vacation.