Are You In Need Of Social Security Because Of A Disability? Meet With A Lawyer Before You Apply

16 March 2016
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If you were injured at work and you aren't able to return to work anytime in the future, you may be considering applying for social security and disability. You can get a supplemental income to help you survive since you don't have any way of supporting yourself, but if you aren't of age to collect social security you'll want to meet with a lawyer.

A lawyer with the experience and the right information can help you with your case. Here are a few things you want to bring with you when you first go to meet with the lawyer.

The Medical Details of Your Injury

You want a list of the details about your injury and why your injury is so severe you can't work. You should have copies of all image tests, blood work, and doctor appointment records. Ask your physician for a medical statement that shows you can't go back to work right now, and that you may never be able to work again in your lifetime.

These medical details are imperative for your case, and your lawyer may want you to see a new lawyer. The court or your employer may try to prove that you can work, so it's important not to see a medical professional that they recommend or who they want you to see right away.

Your Current Financial State

Social security is often based on need, so if you could retire early or pull money from an account and you don't really need disability, then it isn't likely that you'll get approved at a young age. If you are without any income and in debt, then these things are going to help the case. You want a list of all your banking and financial accounts, and reports of any workers compensation you've been receiving. The court has to see that your need for this income is necessary.

The disability lawyer will let you know what they think of your case when you first meet with them, and they'll let you know right away if they need any other information to get your case started. It's important to get a lawyer before you fill out any applications to make sure that you don't mistakes, and so your case doesn't get denied. Meet with a disability lawyer, like Timothy  W Hudson Attorney, to see if you can get the social security that you need to start living your life again, without financial stress.