Tips For Navigating Your First Holiday Season After Divorce

4 November 2015
 Categories: Law, Blog


If this is your first holiday season after your divorce, the idea of celebrating the holidays may be overwhelming. If you're struggling with the idea of facing holiday celebrations but want to make sure that your kids have good memories of their first holiday post-divorce, it can be hard to find that balance. Here are some tips to help you get not only get through the holidays, but find new ways to enjoy them, too!

Gather Your Friends and Family

It can be helpful to spend your holidays surrounded by family and friends, especially when it's the first holiday after the divorce. The company and activity will help you enjoy the holiday and focus on the positive elements of the season. And, with so many people around you, there's sure to be someone who can help you smile if you find yourself struggling with the emotions of it all.

Create New Traditions

Going through the motions of the old traditions can make for a holiday season full of little more than reminders of your separation and divorce. Instead, change things up and create some new traditions. If you have kids, this can be a great way to give their holiday season an emotional boost, too. If you've always spent Christmas Eve driving around and looking at lights, spend the day making cookies and then go out and join the carolers for the evening. Doing something very different will break up the routine and keep you from focusing on how things used to be.

Do Something for Others

A great way to freshen your perspective on the holiday season is to spend some time doing things for others. Visit your local homeless shelter or soup kitchen to help out with meal preparation and decorations. If you have children, teach them about giving back by finding a local charity gift tree and have them each pick a child to buy a gift for. These are affordable ways to do something for others and restore your holiday spirit at the same time.

The more you can change things up, the more enjoyable your holiday season is going to be. Remember that your kids will likely be struggling as well, so make an effort to work with your ex to sort out family time for the kids with each of you. With the tips presented here, you'll be in a better position to take control of your holiday season and avoid the emotional struggles and old-tradition ruts that can keep you trapped in the past and remembering your divorce. For advice about any legal concerns through the holiday season, talk with your divorce attorney. He or she can tell you about anything you're legally bound to, such as specific visitation schedules.