Surprising Factors That Increase Your Risk Of Being Pulled Over For A DUI Check

7 August 2015
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Whether or not you are stopped for a DUI generally depends on other factors other than your drunkenness. Unless you are totally drunk and driving erratically, the police have no way of knowing that you are drunk. In many cases, people get pulled over for other reasons and the issue of DUI only comes to play when the police officer suspects it (for example if your breath smells of alcohol). Here are some of the factors that increase your chances of getting pulled over:

Traffic Violation

A traffic violation will almost certainly get you pulled over. After that, the officer will not just concern himself or herself with the violation, but he or she will be on the lookout for other mistakes. Therefore, ensure you don't drive over the speed limit, be mindful of the traffic lights and take the

Unfortunately, it's not just the violations that may make the patrolling officers interested in your car. Anything that attracts attention to you may make you get pulled over. For example, driving too slow may attract the attention of the police.

Condition of the Vehicle

Apart from traffic violations, this is one of the most common things that will get you stopped on the road. Visible defects on the vehicle include things like:

  • Burned-out lights
  • Improperly fixed and unreadable license plates
  • Broken lenses
  • Cracked windows
  • Loud exhaust pipes

Therefore, keep your car in a perfect condition (especially its observable features) to reduce the risk of getting pulled over.

Prior DUI Conviction

Driving a car whose registered owner has previously been convicted of driving under the influence also increases your risk of getting stopped. Police officers on patrol usually read license plate numbers of random vehicles that they come across. The databases contain records of cars that are on the radar of the police such as vehicles that have been reported stolen or whose owners have been convicted of traffic violations. If your car has a previous violation, then the patrolling officers may find an excuse to pull you over.

If you do get pulled over, do your best to cooperate with the authorities but don't volunteer any information. Don't forget that getting pulled over is different from being under arrest. Therefore, the authorities will not read you your Miranda rights, but they can still use your words against you later. Also, the sobriety tests are voluntary, so you don't have to take them even if threatened. For more information, contact attorneys like Andrew H P Norton.