Why Picking An Experienced And Wealthy Personal Injury Attorney Is Important

9 March 2015
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If you've been injured in an accident, you need to contact an attorney, such as Law Office Of Michael Braun. However, not just any attorney will do. Personal injury attorneys are possibly some of the hardest working attorneys in the business. But hard work isn't the only thing you should be looking at when choosing the person who is going to bat for you. Your attorney should have experience, which translates to a nice bank account. This guide explains why the experience and wealth level of your personal injury attorney is important.

They Pay Out of Their Own Pocket

A personal injury attorney with experience does not require any upfront fees from you to build your case. They pay for expenses out of their own pocket in the event that your case goes to court or a settlement is offered from the other party. Some of the aspects of your case they'll pay out of their own pocket for include:

  • expert testimonies and statements
  • filing fees
  • fees for medical records
  • payroll for research assistants
  • document subpoena fees
  • accident reconstruction experts

Many of these fees are built into the percentage that the lawyer charges. There is not an hourly charge for a personal injury attorney, so many spend a lot of time working for which they are not paid.

They Don't Get Paid Until They Win

You have probably seen the television advertisements for personal injury attorneys. These ads promote the fact that you don't pay unless the attorney wins your case. What these ads don't tell you is that once the attorney wins your case, the attorney may still have to wait a couple of years to recoup their payment fully, depending on the terms of the settlement or court judgment.

Government regulations require that many settlements or judgments be given in the form of annuities. These annuities get paid to you over the course of many years, so your attorney's fees get paid in that manner as well.   

They Always Prepare to Go to Court

Even though many personal injury cases never see the inside of a courtroom, a personal injury attorney must prepare for it to do so. They go the extra mile to ensure that they have the right experts lined up and that they are prepared to win before the judge. They want to get you as much money as they can.

The many hours of preparation goes by the wayside though when the other party or their insurance company wants to settle. When a settlement is agreed upon, it is usually a fraction of what you could have gotten if you went to court. However, it doesn't always matter how prepared your attorney is, the judge could still rule in favor of the other party. If that happens, you'll get nothing and neither does the lawyer.

When choosing a personal injury attorney for the first time, find out how much experience they have. Make sure they spend as much time with you as needed so that you understand the process and the steps they'll take to prepare for your moment before the judge should the need arise.