Benefits Of Hiring A Law Firm With Multi-Practice Areas

25 January 2015
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If you've been involved in an accident and there are several factors involved, finding the right representation in court can be challenging. Being hurt in a car accident can leave you with many unanswered questions, especially about what steps to take to find legal justice in your case. If you're facing other legal issues in addition to the accident, hiring an attorney through a law firm that specializes in many practice areas is beneficial. Here are some examples.

Arbitration And Mediation Specialists

When you first get hurt, the last thing you can likely wrap your head around is filing a lawsuit in your case. There are a lot of questions to be answered about how the accident happened, how it was handled and if there were any witnesses involved. All of these concerns should be addressed and conformed into a potential case. The interview process can be lengthy, tedious and time consuming. A qualified law firm may use several lawyers to help build your case. An attorney who specializes in arbitration and mediation may be able to help you get a settlement from the plaintiff without ever having to go to trial.

Disability Law

If you were severely hurt and unable to function as you used to before the accident, you may qualify for disability. Your attorney will look at your case and come up with the best plan of action to present your case in front of a disability trial judge. This case, in conjunction with your personal injury case, needs to be handled diligently and precisely for a beneficial outcome. A law firm that works with injury cases—specifically disability cases— will help ensure that you get the best results from your lawsuit.

Appeal Court Experts

Many times, disability cases and accident injury cases are denied the first time they are filed and processed in court. Don't give up. This is where you'll want a team of experienced lawyers to help overturn your case. Many times, the entire case will have to be re-examined with a new game plan in place. Going through appeal court can be challenging, but a law firm with attorneys and legal aides with experience in appeals can help you win your case and get the monetary funding you deserve.

Related Legal Issues

If you have other legal issues, either personal or business that are unrelated to your accident case, find a lawyer that will assist with these cases as well. It could be a bankruptcy or unemployment compensation case. Many times, the cases can be combined and a judge can help reach a decision on all of these issues at one time. This will save you time and money.

Finding a multi-faceted law team can be a tedious process. Speaking with an attorney about what services they offer and how they can help you and your case is the first step. For more information, talk to a lawyer in your area, like Todd East Attorney at Law.