Filing For Workers Comp In Maryland

26 January 2018
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Workers compensation provides injured workers with wage compensation and medical care until they are physically able to return to work. It is paid through their employer for physical or mental trauma that occurred from a specific incident rather than progressive deterioration. Wage compensation is based upon the weekly wage of the worker at the time of injury and pays a tax-free percentage of pre-injury wages. Immediate and rehabilitative medical care are both provided at no cost upon approval of a claim. Read More 

Challenge Multiple Parties During Personal Injury Claims

28 December 2017
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Depending on your injury, there may be multiple parties responsible for your recovery. Accidents inside stores could have been caused by the store's negligence, the failure of a vendor, or the actions of another customer. Being hospitalized after a fight is mostly the responsibility of the abuser, but instigators, venue operators, and law enforcement professionals who fail to step in may need to step forward to answer the situation. Here are a few costs and responsibility demands to consider before you sign any settlement or make any agreement after a personal injury. Read More 

Three Tips For Your Legal Case

29 November 2017
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When you're an attorney that is looking to win a case, you need to be sure that you're preparing your case with some diligence. There are a number of steps that you can take to getting the most from the legal situation, to protect your client and enjoy success from it. With this in mind, think about the tips below in order to put your best foot forward: Hire a team of trial consultants  Read More 

What Is The Difference Between A Formal Lawsuit And An Informal Settlement?

1 November 2017
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Settling a car accident case is not always the easiest and fastest event in life, especially when the accident caused major, lifelong injuries. If you are ready to pursue settling your case, you should understand that there are two main methods to do this. The first is through a formal lawsuit, and the second method involves an informal settlement. Here are the differences in these two options. Formal lawsuits involve the court Read More 

Tips For Minimizing Child Passenger Injuries

3 October 2017
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No parent wants to see their child injured in a car accident, but kids still get injured. One reason for this is that parents don't have enough information on how to keep their kids safe during car rides. As a parent, take the following measures to reduce the risk of or minimize your kid's injuries in case of a car accident: Buy and Install the Correct Car Seat Putting your child in a car seat is one of the best ways of keeping them safe on the road. Read More